During vacation, many would like to plan for a vacation with their family and friends. Before going for a trip, we may make many plans, such as making a list to prepare your travel, choosing the transport, then for accommodation we may search at many websites and book it. Despite booking of hotels are an easy task, but after that calling for the room service we should know the language of the country. This would be the major problem faced by many people while travelling through other country. Some of the problems in room service are:

  • Outdated: The room service is still through the paper menus and through land-line. If the language is considered, this would not help.

  • Convenient and time consuming: We know that the language is the barrier to communicate with all people. But, the hotel guests are often needed to communicate with the hotel reception and in the lobby areas only through land- line.
  • Accessing problem: If the people staying in the hotel need any room service or any help, they can get it from the hotel lobbies. But, this is not that much helpful to all customers to make some online purchase without leaving their room.

But the new idea of placing tablets for the room service can help the customers to access anything from lobbies without any hesitation. This in room tablet allows the guests to pick up their knowledge, browse into the menus, order their service, and book the room cleaning at any time, asking fo0r a towel, some toilet amenities, and some other household items. This service is also available to rent a car/bike/scoter pick up, for booking the train/flight tickets and also to book the hotels for further travel too. The tablets for hotels would be the wonderful idea in order to help the customers and to get the customers satisfaction. This helps the hotel guests to communicate with their hotel reception and in the lobby areas easily. Just by a click one can get the services.