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Movie Ticket Booking: the unwritten rules for a better experience

Performing any tasks online requires that the person undertaking the tasks is aware about the dos and don’ts of the task and related activities.

The first thing while getting your movie tickets bookings done online is the selection of the site or App for carrying out the activity. You need to choose an aggregator who is a specialist in the particular area. There are many such online portals and Apps that facilitate online movie ticket bookings – however, since you would want to have a smooth booking experience without any hitch or glitch, it is advisable to go ahead with the one that has been operating in the particular field for sometime – one that has built a reputation of providing fast and safe services. Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe are some of the names to reckon with in this industry and you can surely try them out.

The second important thing to do after having chosen the site or App is to register with the particular retailer. The advantage of registering is that your booking history will be maintained and at any point in time you need to refer back, you can easily check back. The other benefit of registering is that your mobile number and email id is saved with the App or the site. As soon as you make your payments against the movie tickets bookings, you will be sent a SMS and an email to your registered number and email id respectively. Also registered users have an automatic advantage vis-a-vis the others because all special offers, reviews and other promotional deals are informed to the registered customers on a preferential basis.

Registered customers can save their payment mode and details so that the payment happens much faster. The tickets, that have been booked, can be collected anytime before the start of the show. While collecting the e-tickets, you need to ensure the following: –

  • If you have made your payments using a credit or debit card, then you need to carry the card that was used for making the payment during movie ticket
  • In case of booking through Netbanking, a copy of the confirmation email or SMS needs to be carried along with an original photo ID of the one who has made the payments.
  • These bookings need to be collected from the cinema box office or automated kiosks.
  • It is typically essential that the person who has made the booking needs to collect the tickets. However, in rare situations only the tickets are handed over to another person. In such situations, the person needs to carry a signed photocopy of the front and the back side of your card along with the confirmation email or SMS details.
  • The tickets can be collected at any time before the start of the show.

While making movie tickets online, it is important to remember that once the tickets have been booked, it is deemed as sold and hence cannot be revised or cancelled.



Are you the television fan? Are you keeping on finding yourself on getting ready for all the fall premieres which are getting ready to come out in just couple of months? May be you are serial lover and you cannot wait until the next following episode which have came out and for that you may be waiting anxiously. Well if you love to watch the television and you have been come with several shows which you have been watching religiously, then you are going to love the fact which now you can watch the TV series online just for free.

Everyone would loves to watch some kind of television especially with all types of new shoes which have been come out on each year. And the average number of person is spending at least two hours a day on watching television and also the average television bill cost which typically the family owns.  Based upon how many channels you are getting and if you decide to get any premium type channels which you can expect to pay more from getting channels via 123movies site.

This is the site which offers people about all types movies. If you go through the site there you can find all genre movies from action, biography, documentary, horror, family, mystery, war, thriller, and many more like this. This site is not only loved by the movie lovers, but this also loved by the TV series lovers.

Generally, most of the family members are getting addicted to watching serials and some other V series. With the help of this kind of online site, it is easy for the people to find all types of serials and some other TV series with it. And the most important information is that through this site we are able to watch all language series and movies. If we go to some other country we will miss our language movies, but this site helps us to get rid of this problem. So, try to make use of the site and watch all types of TV series and movies through online without any restrictions.

Watch movies online and experience unique enjoyment at this site

Movie lovers would definitely have heard about the online websites which provide the movies for free. Among the various online websites, one should choose the right website that would provide them with the movies of all genres. It should also have a great look on the various language movies which might also attract the viewers from all states. There is one such website which holds the movies of all the nations around the world. As it is considered to be the dictionary of movies, more number of visitors are visiting this site and enjoying their favorite movie available online at free of cost.


Enjoying movies on the theaters had become an old trend which had been considered to be boring one by the teenagers. They love to enjoy things sitting at their place without moving around. It is also considered to be the wise task by enjoying your favorite movie available at the website without spending any sort of amount to the website. Moving along with the world might provide us with various advantages. After gaining the access on to the website one can enjoy variety of movies available online under various genres and various languages.

Making the free time useful would tend to provide you with more opportunities of experiencing the best movie available online. They would also help to watch the movies for more number of times and it won’t even fair you any amount. Some of the motivational movies would tend to have a great impact on the lives of the people watching it. That impact may lead the people on the right way to succeed on their life. In order to enjoy free movies online, just log on to the website and start your search for the nice movie.

special parties in Mumbai

Attending special parties in Mumbai

Are you eager to spend this holi festival in a grand manner by attending some of the best party here in Mumbai. This is indeed a beautiful city that allows you to explore the different avenues and compel you to participate in the different events that are celebrated here. You are free to choose the type of event that you wish to visit. The selection entirely depends upon your specific preferences, needs, mood and the budget.

Special Holi parties in Mumbai


Event: Holi Special Camping – Malshej Ghat

Organized By: The Camp

Venue: Moroshi Village

Date: Saturday, 11 March, 2017

Time: 5:30 pm

Fees: Rs. 3,000

Description: There are limited entries only to this event and hence, you should book your tickets much in advance to ensure that you do not miss out on the event. You can now spend the festival weekend between the high mountains and the flowing crisp river. Get out of the monotonous hustle and bustle of the city and celebrate the weekend in rustic illuminated ambiance. You can enjoy the bonfire and the moon light, twinkling stars and the cool breeze flowing. Spend quality time at the bank of the river or at the hill side with barbecue and bonfire. You can also get the lovely views. At additional cost, the initial lucky one can only get hanging tent. Those who love adventure sports like rock climbing, river crossing, archery, rifle shooting are just sure to love this event.


Event: Holi Special Island Camping

Organized By: The Camp

Venue: Bhandardara Boating

Date: Saturday, 11 March, 2017

Time: 6:00 pm

Fees: Rs. 2,800/-

Description: You can imagine camping as well as playing with organic colors on the pristine tiny land that is enclosed by water on all its sides between the Sahayadri valleys. Now, camping can be experienced on the hidden island away from the hills, where buses, cars and even bikes will not be able to reach. It is only by boat that this place is accessible.

special parties in Mumbai


Event: RangMohalla

Organized By: Nisha Bharati

Venue: Mulund West

Date: Sunday, 12 March, 2017

Time: 9:30 am – 5.30 pm

Fees: Rs. 649/-

Description: You can enjoy thoroughly and splash yourself with colors, the desi dhols, water, colors, have masti fun and much more. Besides being a party, it is also a grand carnival. There is also special attraction with Bollywood celebrities being lined up to offer all types of music like Punjabi, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Trance, EDM, etc. Special dance performance is done by Cirque. The main event attractions involve live dhols, live performance, rain dance, bubble guns, game zone and photo booth.


Event: Unlimited madness with EEK – Colorful Camping

Venue: Camp Evergreen, Barvi Hills Badlapur

Date: Saturday, 11 March, 2017

Time: 6:00 pm

Fees: Rs. 2,700/-

Description: All the participants will gather at the specified campsite, have evening tea with hot pakoda. You can then explore the property, have dinner and enjoy the river side camp fire along with barbeque.

Overall, you will find the special parties in Mumbai to be really interesting.

When You Need Entertainment

Whether you’re living in London, Peterborough or other cities, it is a fact that looking for the best entertainment for any children’s party can be a daunting task especially when you do not know where to even start looking! Thankfully there are many ways for you to discover them and all that is required of you is to continue reading this article.

The Secret to Finding The Best Entertainment

You simply cannot predict where and when valuable information regarding any form of entertainment for kid’s partys might pop up so it is always best to keep your ears and eyes open, just in case. If your town has a local community center then that is often the best place to start because people might be advertising their services as entertainers or performers at a child’s party.

Many big name entertainers started out this way so if you’re looking for someone who is truly talented in the art of giving entertainment to children but who have not made a name for themselves yet then this is where you will find them! Be sure to have your expectations in place before you talk to them so that you can start evaluating them to see if they are a good fit for you or not.

The Internet is Your Biggest Ally

The internet is so readily accessible to anyone now that by not having a computer at home should not prevent you from accessing it and the many websites that contain information on the best forms of kid entertainment Peterborough. You could spend minutes on your search and you will find a myriad of websites that seem to provide everything you’ve been looking for.

The next step involves you forming your expectations from the entertainment and to see if these companies can fulfill your requests for you. It is very important to remember not to rush the process otherwise you may end up paying for something that you do not like at the end. The worst thing about this is that your child may end up being disappointed which is something that you definitely want to avoid.

Why You Should Embrace Social Media

Social media platforms now allow us to connect to one another even more than ever before and as such there should be discussion groups on the best children’s party entertainment in Hertfordshire. It is within these groups that you often find information on entertainment that other people would recommend. You are sure to find out about things you never knew about before and who knows, you may even learn a new thing or two about how to plan for a child’s party.

How You Can Easily Find the Best Venues Near You

Have you ever thought of the question, “how to find children’s birthday venues for children’s parties?” Well if you have then you are not the only one! Many parents have had to face this challenge over the course of their lives. Whether it’s organizing a party for their own kids or if they’re doing it for someone else, the issue of finding great venues is always a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you get through it.

Look For Help Form Other Organizers

Party organizers are a great source of information. They can help you find the right performers and of course, the best children’s party venues. That is why it might be worth your time to actually spend some time to network with them. Normally venues that are always in demand will be made known to these organizers, especially when they become available.

Remember that you won’t be the only one trying to book a venue. You are also trying to beat other parents to secure your booking. That is why you will need to start your search as early as you can. Don’t be afraid to start 6 to 8 months ahead of the party in case you are unable to secure the right venue later on.


Don’t Always Believe Everything You Read

Information is very important to helping you find children’s party venues. This is a very simple fact that you must understand. That is why you will need to identify many different sources where information on venues might be posted. You can either focus on the local community boards or if you prefer, online boards.

Naturally the online boards will have more users which means you might get newer information quite regularly. Compared to the local community boards, you might not get very frequent updates on possible party venues for hire. Still, you should not place all your focus on one platform, whether offline or online, and ignore the other. You cannot tell when vital information might come so it’s best to always be aware.

Talking to The People Who Own The Venue

It is worth noting that venue owners are also people. They might be more than happy to help you with the booking as long as it is still available. Building a network of venue owners is a worthwhile way to spend your time and resources. This is especially true if you are looking to host many parties in the future at their venues.

By knowing them personally, they will be more inclined to help you with any future bookings. Naturally their help will be invaluable to you so what are you waiting for? Start connecting today!

The Big YES!

Planning and organizing for the big YES, is always very exciting and thrilling to most boys in relationships. Everyone tries to make it the most perfect engagement any girl would want. Preparing for this starts sometimes weeks and months ahead, all in the one big secret plan. Keeping all the details and the plans away from most girlfriends is the tough task, while work get underway for planning. Planning an engagement in Melbourne, is ever so wonderful, considering having all the necessary tools to just make it perfect. Here are some of the best tools that one could use and make it the most perfect night and girl would want.

The Venue

This is usually the highlight of any engagement evening. Hunting for the most romantic yet perfect venue, your girl would love to be asked out for marriage, is always a crucial decision to make for a guy. With so many venues that are out there in Melbourne, the choices are vast. It’s always best to research for few venues, rather than just sticking on to one, so that you can choose the best out of it. With the internet being ever so handy search online for engagement venues in melbourne, can give you a wide spectrum of the variety and costs and what’s on offer.


The Surrounding

When you’ve got the perfect venue set, and ready to go, it’s all about the surrounding and the atmosphere you want. You can always choose to decorate the area yourself, have friends involved or families of both parties. You can also decide to choose professional decorators to give it a perfect touch, so that the feeling is much more real. The surrounding decoration, is very important, as it adds to the Big YES and the mark of the big day. You can decide on colours, based on the girl’s favouritecolours, or specific themes and favourite things she always talk about. Add some music to get in the mood and some perfect lighting that can add the spark to all.

Food and Beverage

Choosing the food and beverage, to follow for the night if the big YES, is always in the hands of the gentlemen. It’s always nice and the best to add some of the favourites of both you and your fiancé to be and something extra special that she loves. Champagne is a must to celebrate the evenings, followed by some quality sparkling wine and cocktails. The food is of your choice, whether it be finger foods or a full course meal, that can get your night going. It’s the big YES and everything needs to be perfect and big.

The skillset that magicians for kids should all have

While there are many ways to make the party even more fun for everyone present, none is as prevalent as hiring magicians for kids. Magic has a way with everybody, be it child or adult as these magicians often are able to pull off tricks that boggles the mind and all of you are left wondering how he or she did it, but of course, a true magician never reveals their secrets. However, looking beyond all the tricks and deception, there are a variety of other skillsets that these performers for kids magic tricks should have, and here are some of them:

  • Passionate in their role as the magician

It is a fact that when it comes to having magicians for kids at the party, they are expected to become the life and main event of the whole night and that is something that can only be pulled off by the entertainer who is passionate in their role. A person who is passionate will always go the extra mile to pull off the best performance of their lives, each and every night.

The last thing you will want from these magic performances for kids is for the magician themselves to be boring or worse, not caring at all whether they are giving a good performance or not. Not only will you have wasted the money you spent in hiring these magicians but the worse thing of all is that the kids will be left disappointed.


  • Loves working with childrenWhile it may seem ironic to you that there are magicians for kids who might not like working with children, this is a fact as many entertainers are in the field simply because they do not have anything else to do. The best way to avoid these individuals who dislike working with children, despite being branded as a magic performer for kids, is to look at some of the more popular names in the industry.

    It is safe to say that the more famous a magician, the more likely that they have pleased many parents before by performing exceptionally well at parties they were hired to entertain before. This will practically eliminate any risk of you hiring someone who dislikes working with children.

  • Have the desire to expand their skills as a professional performerTo be truly exceptional, these magic performer for kids will want to keep on improving themselves and to practice new tricks for every new party they are hired for. If you can find these types of individuals then make sure you hire them immediately as chances are, there will be many others who will want them for their own party so you need to act fast!

Buy the best automated music studio from online

Hearing a melodious music or hearing the favorite songs may easily change the mood for the people. That’s why many people give pretty much importance to the songs and like to hear them whenever it is possible. Similarly, the newbie music composers are also curious to make the best albums or single tracks using the musical instruments. However, affording for each instrument will cost high for them and without prior experience it would be tough for them to play it. So, if they like to compose a song or music album they need to hire a professional if they can afford several thousands of dollars. To avoid such high expenses, they simply can buy the best beat machine from the which helps them to compose the song as they wish.

A virtual music studio:

Only the professionals and the music directors can have the real music studios to compose a tune, edit or perform any kind of musical operations. The new artists can get proper training from there or they can simply get the beat machine software from the above mentioned platform to have their own virtual music studio. The application let the users to perform all the music operations without having the relevant musical instruments. The tones and sounds of the instruments are already available in the application, so the users just need to play them in well manner to compose the best songs. It let them to avoid expense on buying musical instruments and they can compose song from any genre.


Compose unique music:

The application let the users to compose the unique songs using the Templates. It has built-in tones in different patterns, which let the users to compose the single tracks within 5 minutes. The customized options are given for Edit, Modify, Patterns and Music Effects. The users can easily produce the high quality audio up to 320KBPS. The users no need to add any special tones to compose the songs because the custom option let the users to make changes in the default sounds and let them to create the tones as they want. The users who want to perform all the musical operations without spending too much of amount can buy the beat machine application from the platform. Even the beginners can perform the composing or editing operations without any confusion and if they have any doubt then they can check the FAQ and manual.

Best app to download your favorite movies

We are all always searching for the best andiron application in the play store. Most of the times we are never get the app as like we expect. Most people will do download and install the application to see the trail and after used for some days, they may delete or uninstall the application. Here I have found a new android application which is very good and more comfortable to use. The application is the vidmate from android play store. This application is used for the purpose of downloading the videos and the full size move and the television serials from the internet. It gives the best and clarity video for us. This application is available in the android play store.

For movie freaks

Now a day watching movies on the theater has become very low. This is due to the heavy and tight schedule in the work. We need to do our office work till the end of the day. Then where can be getting the leisure time to go outing and see movie. In between time we need to take rest for the next day work. Hence most of the films are we are missing. This is so that this application is very helpful for us to download the movies and the favorite video for us very quickly. The downloading time limit are also very less.  Hence so many movies freakier are can avail this facility to download their lovable movie. This can be stored either in their hard disk or in the system. Then they can watch it for so many times.


Easy and fast download on PC

Actually this is the purest android application. The version of the personal computer vidmate application is not yet released. But there is no need to worry about it. You can easily download by these following tips. First download the Bluestacks application, which is the app used to run all the android application in your PC. Just install the blue stack application in your computer. Then open it. Click the search bar button and type there the name of the application. And click to download. This app never takes more time to download the application. Within the few minutes the application will get downloaded in your personal computer. After the installation completes, click on the application logo. And use it as you wish.