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Networth Of Celebrities

There are different kinds of celebrities. The traditionally hard working lot who earned their way to the sports arena, the big screen, business, music, arts and many more fields. Fame and money come to them after years of toil, hard labour, taking on odd jobs and failed opportunities. The current generation has it easy. Know the right people, the godfathers and godmothers with the visibility and reach, you are there. Then there are those who become famous overnight because of something they did, either good or a daredevil stunt or something unimaginable that pushes them into the limelight instantly.


So that brings us to the question of who is a celebrity. If you look up the definition, it says a celebrity is someone well known or is famous, usually associated with wealth, their original works and sometimes their personal philanthropic side as well. There are different categories of rich and famous such as directors Joseph Nicol, authors like Maya Angelou, comedians like Maya Rudolph, actors like Brad Pitt, Amitabh Bachchan, sportspersons such as the Serena sisters, Sachin Tendulkar and the list does not end there. This is just a tip of the iceberg to gives a sneak peak into the world of superstars.

The Colour Of Green

The Celebrity Net Worth has a wide range depending on their field, how long or how recently they have acquired their super-rich status. If you have managed it well over the long run without running into bad business deals, keeping ahead in your profession at all times, having a trustworthy manager and more importantly not getting into messy divorce deals that cost a fortune, then you may be doing more than just fine, otherwise it is fighting bankruptcy, rebuilding the career, renewing connections, facing rejections and judgements and coping with a dysfunctional lifestyle.

 Celebrity status has the good and bad consequences.  It’s all about how you handle it so you don’t get into a downward spiral when things become elusive. Being in the constant eye of the media makes or breaks relationships since you are considered a popular icon in the eyes of the public and everything is centred around what they want to hear about their famous icons be it their successes or failures. When you get drunk on the everyday comfortable life with the best of everything at your doorstep, it becomes addictive. The colors can change fast.