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Why do women experience breathing issues during pregnancy

Once the belly gets bigger it does become difficult in order to perform the simple tasks with ease. It is on the expected lines that women will be short of breath during pregnancy. It is not a major cause of concern, but still it is suggested that you do get in touch with your doctor as serious complications could spring up. After all pregnancy respiratory disorders can emerge at any point of time.

It is quiet normal during pregnancy that you may experience difficulty in breathing due to the presence of progesterone ( the hormone) this is going to force you to breathe in a lot deeply. What it does mean that it becomes difficult to take in air. In fact breathing is also going to be more difficult as the uterus is in an enlarged stage and rakes in a lot of space. This goes on put more pressure against your diaphgram. Once the baby drops on to the pelvis at the time of delivery you are going to breathe a bit easy.

The chances of you being short of breath could also arise as more oxygen levels are needed.  In fact the body would need to respond to the changing needs in a lot of ways. When you are short of breath during the early stage of pregnancy it replicates a scenario where there is an awareness of the need to breathe more. In case if you are carrying multiples or the baby is high there is bound to be shortness of breath. You could also experience this condition if you are already suffering from any pre-existing condition like asthma.

pregnancy respiratory disorders

In fact before a few weeks before the baby is born you are expected to get a degree of relief. This is all the more so in your first pregnancy, when the baby drops on to the pelvis as the stage approaches.

How you plan to cope up with shortness of breath during pregnancy

Medicine for respiratory disease in pregnancy is there, but still if you are suffering from shortness of breath you could adopt the following measures

  • Do take things in an easy manner and do not push yourself too much when you are active
  • You should sit up straight and then keep your shoulders back. This is all the more so while sitting as it provides as much space to the lungs when they are expanding
  • You can go on to prop yourself a bit more with a few extra pillows when you in the bed at night
  • As far as possible try to be patient. There is no fun in being out of breath during pregnancy. Once you have given birth, it is going to return back to normal

If you are suffering from any pre-existing condition you should inform your doctor. Pregnant women are likely to have serious symptoms and the chances of it intensifying are all the more at this point of time. So you would need to guard against it.