Understanding Better And Bridging The Gap Between Students And Administration

In normal sense, every university has some special ways to be elaborated.  Student unions organised in every university do for betterment of the students.  This system is being applied in all, the universities because right from the student life, a special political drive also taught to the students by practically imparting leadership training.  Though, this process cannot be counted under the term “training” but also cannot be kept apart from it.  Like other universities, Apu Student Gov is also one of the best examples of dedicated student union that is working for betterment of students.  This union is working hard for enhancing the study levels, required amenities and infrastructure needed for all the affiliated collages with the university.

Creating differences between admin and students should not be working objective

Like other countries, where student governments are elected only for creating differences between students and the university administration.  A common feeling is implanted in the minds of students that administration always thinks for its own benefit.  This wrong feeling provides negative impact and accordingly relationship between the admin and students goes weaker.   But a different side of the scene is also there.  In the APU, you will experience that the student union is working for development of the study only.


In APU, all students unions are working only for student welfare

Even the members of that union don’t declare themselves as a candidate for general elections.  Simply designated union members are like synonym of dedicated student for own study as well as for better functioning for others.  This is also a sense of additional responsibility. You will see that various new subjects have been added after mutual consultation with the delegation of student unions as after all studies is to be done by students.  Better and latest modules are designed by the managing committee of universities.  A student that wants to do MBA but wants in different stream related with business.  Normally that subject, as desired by that student, is not available, now experienced teachers, student union and educationalists make a meeting and finalize the draft of a new subject.  What is the interest rate of students in that particular theme?

After searching on various aspects, the new stream is released for students.  This idle role of student unions is always welcomed but unluckily, in most of the countries, this spirit is not found in the student unions.  Elected members of the unions only need to satisfy their own requirement through the political cadre.  Such unions become only a source of politics and cheap popularity.  It is better to follow some tough principles as being following APU.