hip replacement surgery in India

Things to know before hip replacement surgery!

Surgery may be the most important and intense step in any treatment procedure as it also carries a lot of serious risks with it. A patient is always advised to make several preparations before undergoing this time taking and serious step. Proper preparations are very important as it aims to increase the probability of successful surgery and recovery. The preparations have been categorized into three types those are medical preparations, Pre-surgical weight loss & exercise, and home preparations. These preparations are well told by the specialists and one can easily have hip replacement surgery in India as there are a number of good doctors who are serving for a long time.

Here are some common and most suggested medical preparations:

Hip replacement surgery is performed with the aim of relieving hip pain and increase hip function by resurfacing them. The surgery generally takes about 2 hours. The medical preparation includes general anesthesia. A good hospital or specialist always clearly communicates about the pre-medication with the patient or relative of the patient before the surgery. The patient can always ask the details of the medication. Before a surgery, some medicines have to be avoided like aspirin which acts as blood thinning agent.

Lose weight: Losing weight before a surgery is a must. This simply decreases several risks involved in the surgery. Doctors can make the patient a diet chart as well as some best ways to reduce weight.

 hip replacement surgery in India

Stop Smoking: Nicotine can expand the complications from surgery, so quitting smoking is also important pre-surgery preparation.

Stretch: Some strengthening exercises for the patient’s hip will be advised which can make the recovery period to half. Some exercises can be searched online but everybody is different, so it is better to have a tip from the doctor.

Sleep properly: it may be not easy to sit and sleep in the initial bed or mattress so move your bed little high and choose a soft mattress to sleep properly. Sleeping relaxes the body which is crucial for such a treatment.

Safe sitting in the bathroom: There are lots of equipment which makes the bathroom activities easier like one can install a railing or get a shower chair and a toilet seat lift. Installing them will be very helpful.

Get some good qualities reaching aids: Devices such as the pole with a claw at the end can help the patient in doing work that requires bending as bending may be not possible for few initial days.

Arrange daily use items accordingly: It will be difficult to move again and again, so it is advised to keep the things closer which are frequently used.

These are some of the important preparations for the surgery. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India is not too high as there are many experiences specialists that perform this surgery almost daily. Moreover, to have a fast recovery, it is recommended to indulge in a healthy exercise routine after few days of surgery. Mostly, patients can continue their work after 4 to 6 weeks. Don’t forget to pay attention to the diet and weight.