Relocating when you’re pregnant? Making the process easier

Relocating or moving can turn out being quite a stress filled process when you are at two, five or even at the seventh month pregnant stage. Undeniably, moving for every expecting mother can turn out being a taxing and overwhelming process.

However, sometimes, a few things are meant to happen at a particular time and when it’s needed to relocate, you have no other option but to relocate! If you too wish to make this process a smoother one, make sure that you follow a few important points, until it gets too late.

  • Get that much needed bag prepared before hand

When you are relocating, you simply cannot miss the handy pre packed hospital labor bag. This is one must-have item, which every expecting mother should have by her side while she is travelling for a short vacation or when she is finally going to the hospital.

The pre packed hospital labor bag is an important bag which is a must for every expecting mother. Fill your birth plan in it so that you can keep necessary notes written down which come handy for your partner, midwife or nurse while you are on the move. Keep a chap stick because in case you suddenly have a birth pain, you can end up getting your lips quite dry and sore. In such a case a chap stick would come quite handy. Also fill the bag with necessary food and drinks so that you can munch with your partner whenever you feel the urge to.


  • Make sure that you are organized

Even if procrastination worked for your college and school life, but at this stage, you need to better stay properly organised with all necessary things. When you are pregnant, the hormones are raging, and this is why try to keep your anxiety level low and jot down necessary point you need to know. Do establish deadlines that are realistic and tick off the tasks one after the other, once when completed.

  • Packing well in advance

It may seem a little weird to pack all the kitchen items and office, 7 weeks before the moving day. However, nothing would be more relieving to you when you just have to pack the toiletries before you need to finally move.  In case you are to hire movers to get everything packed for you, keep yourself free from stress by ensuring that everything is properly organised.

  • Accept help

If you have your friends and family coming over to help you, do not pretend that you can do it all. Go ahead and take the necessary help because at such a stage every kind of help seems worthy and is such a relief.