Redesigning your home

Many home owners wish to have their old homes redesigned but rarely ever get down to doing it due to lack of time and more importantly, due to lack of finances. However, redesigning your home does not have to cost as much as you would think and with a few creative changes that will not cost much, you will be able to give your home a brand new look. The important thing is to do your research online and find out the different techniques you can implement in your home to improve the look of your house.

Change of colour

You will be surprised by just how much you can change the look of your home simply by changing the colour of your walls and your belongings. In most homes, you will find that their walls are one colour while their cushions are another and their curtains are another colour yet. This gives rise to bad home design and an overall bad look in your home. Come up with a colour combination that you love that includes white and another colour that you love. This can be a black and white theme or even a black and blue theme, either way, you will be able to work wonders with a colour theme for your home. The first thing you will need to do is use some pure linen of your chosen colour to sew some new cushions, curtains and bed linen. It is important to make sure that they all match as matching your belongings can add a beautiful look to your home. Visit this website to know more info about pure linen.


Choose a light colour that matches the pure linen that you chose to have your walls painted in. Ideally, you will want to have brilliant white walls as they will reflect light and make your home look much bigger however a lighter shade of blue or an off white will work just as well.

You will need to work on clearing up all the clutter in your home by getting rid of as much as possible and finding proper storage for the things that you feel you need to keep. You will need to store these things in places that are not visible to the naked eye such as underneath a bed or as a storage unit disguised as a piece of furniture. The clutter in our homes tend to take up a lot of space and give the illusion that our homes are small and dingy when really, a cleared up home can look so much bigger than it has in years.