People’s Choice During Holiday Season

People look for sales when there is a holiday or festive season. Some of the sales people wait for the whole year to get in to. Such as Boxing Day sales, Christmas sales etc. these sales are so hectic people stand on queues to get in to the shops. But most important thing to remember is that not all the items are on sale some sales are just part sales with on part on discounted price and the other part without discount which puts the customer in dilemma whether to buy this or not. There are some people who just buy everything on sale irrelevant whether they need it or not. But there are other people who chose and buy what they need the most. Making sure that a sales campaign is successful is one of the main functions of the sales team. Therefore they should be very efficient during a sale to provide the customers with all the relevant items they request for. Furthermore the sales team needs to make sure that the products are always filled up to bring in more customers.


Sales Items they prefer to purchase

The sales team needs to make sure that they identify what the people need the most during sales time. Especially during festive season they should give priority for gift items and put them on sale. Moreover displaying grass head for sale on large boards will make the customer go to these stalls immediately.

Hence when there is a sale it is important to put the sales item in front the direct the customers towards it or make a sign board saying grass head for sale on the isle number or the counter number so that the customers can go directly to the sales items and buy what they need the most or just buy whatever that is on sale on a gift shop Dubai.

Make sure the people’s choices are counted

When putting items on sale you should make sure that the sales items includes some of what the people buy frequently so that customers come in to the store just to buy that. When they do it is the duty of the sales team to provide the customer with other choices that you would think they would buy. Most sales people strike up a conversation with the customer to identify what interest them most or what type of family they have so that the sales person will know what the prefer or will be lured in to buying the most. Sales are meant to satisfy customers and get rid of excess stock.