Kid Academy- Interesting and safe place for schooling

Going to Pre-School is a small stair for a massive experience in a child’s life. A child absorbs the importance of his own name, belongings and friends. Each child learns to communicate with the teachers and fellow students in the Pre-School and it is the correct place for the kid’s basis for life time progress. The skills and knowledge developedin the Pre-School have a boundless effect on the aptitude and attitude of the kid. The gulf coast premier pre-school provides excellent schooling to their students. It is referred as Kid Academy and they offer excellent schooling to the children. Kid Academy provides an unlimited summer programs for kids of all ages and everyone can have fun and enjoyable in children summer care Gulfport.

Every spring in April month, the students of Kid Academy set in a full-scale musical production and this is a big event where the students learn all about responsibility, the importance of practicing and team work. Twice a year Kid Academy Productions give students and parents an evening of game show fun and a chance to play for big prizes, cash, and free tuition with Game Show Mardi Gras Mambo and Game Show Halloween Spooktacular. Each is a free event and is overloaded with family fun. Kid Academy also launched ‘Kid academy ration station’ with exciting prizes. It is a high security environment with,

  • 29-Camera Security System / Cameras in each classroom, playgrounds, hallway, parking lot, office, and entrance with DVR recorder.
  • Twelve Classrooms
  • Two Separate hallways; one for students two and below; and one for students three and above

Child care facility is also available in Kid Academy for infants. The infants are introduced to soft and soothing sounds through lullabies and melody music. This song helps calm them and make them feel safe while learning at the same time.  Rolling over, holding bottles, and sitting up are also encouraged when the babies are able to. Stories are read in the classroom by the teacher and helps the infants improve the ability to listen. This is also a learning activity where the infants can grasp more about the English language. Art activities like finger painting and colouring are also included in the activities which is a fun and creative way to play around with the various colours.

Kid Academy provides many interesting activities like, production, Radio station and children summer care Gulfport. Students are also taken to outdoor to get new learning experience. Kid Academy supports kids in many ways and they give proper response to the parents. Students can enjoy their childhood while learning new concepts and exploring their environment.