How To Get More Space In Small Rooms

Are you struggling to fit all your belongings into tiny spaces and already overflowing closets? Does the thought of having to throw out sentimental or useful items simply because you just don’t have the space for them? Well, it’s time to stop feeling so bad. There are actually plenty of storage and space-saving solutions you can make use of that will ease this burden. Read ahead for just a few of them.

Call in a Pro

This may or may not be obvious, but have you tried calling in a professional? Some stores can offer you custom fitted modern furniture that can be specially designed to save space while being aesthetically pleasing.


Racks and Shelves

Some of the best furniture shops in town will be able to provide you with fitted shelves and racks for all areas of the house. You can save space in your kitchen by mounting magazine racks to the inside of cabinet doors for holding pot lids, for example.  Mount labeled compartments inside the closet or shelves to hold your shoes, rather than leaving them in a designated space on the floor.

Towel Baskets

These are handy ways to save space in the bathroom. Mount these baskets on the wall and roll up towels for attractive and space-saving storage. You can also mount baskets to the wall to hold other bathroom items, rather than taking up unnecessary space on the floor for cabinets. Your laundry basket doesn’t need to be on the floor either.

Hideaway Storage

Craft drawers under beds and tables for additional storage space. All you need to do is roll them out when you need something. This is a great way to store linens without requiring a separate cupboard or taking up closet space.

Foldout Desks and Couches

If you don’t have a guest room but want to be able to let guests stay the night, then all you need is a foldout couch. All you need to do is move the coffee table away and unfold the couch, turning it into a pretty comfy bed for two. Foldout desks work rather the same way. You can pull out the table top, and use the storage sections for writing utensils and supplies.

Dish Rack Drainers

If you’re still concerned about space in the kitchen, then you could benefit from mounting dish rack drainers overhead above the sink, rather than having a designated area next to the sink as usual. This way you save floorspace, but you also drain water right over the sink without making a mess anywhere else in the kitchen.

These are just a few handy ways to save space and store all your belongings in a small house. Try a few or all and see the difference!